Course Policies

  • Each learning week will require at least 2 hours of learning. At least one hour will be devoted to lessons with your instructor. The additional hour will be for studying or completing assignments.
  • A lesson may be rescheduled on agreement between both parties.
  • Homework assignments must be completed and e-mailed to your instructor at least 12 hours in advance of the next lesson.
  • Students will not advance in the course until they have completed the requirements of the learning week as defined by the syllabus.
  • FLEX days will be included as required.

Course Materials

Required Literature: “Дорога в Россию” by V. Antonova and M. Nakhabina.

Required Platforms: E-mail Account, Facebook Account, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, Skype, PayPal Account

Required Accessories: Russian Keyboard Stickers, Notepads, Note Cards

Course Syllabus

Week 1 Alphabet, Vowels and Consonants
Week 2 First Words and Phrases
Week 3 Genders
Week 4 Personal Pronouns
Week 5 Verb Conjugation – Present Tense
Week 6 Articles, Adverbs of Place
Week 7 Plural of Nouns, Plural of Possessive Pronouns
Week 8 Review
Week 9 Numbers, Adjectives, Demonstrative Pronouns, Currency