Russian Language and Culture School was established in 2016. A small group of Orthodox Christians in the United States were seeking a Russian tutor who shared their values. Through a trusted connection, they were referred here. Over a period of months the service steadily grew, and began to take a formal direction, and became the school you are reading about today!


Russian Language and Culture School is dedicated to providing Russian language courses and cultural immersion programs for travelers and immigrants to Russia, with the goal of integrating them into Russian society. While we work primarily with American families, our mission is to grow so that many more people from different parts of the world can learn about Russia. We encourage international friendship, not only in our school, but between cultures and people.

We work closely with the Russian Orthodox Church on building new international communities in the area of Rostov Veliky for the purpose of boosting the regional economy and enhancing the local population’s well-being.

Course Policies

  • Each learning week will require at least 2 hours of learning. At least one hour will be devoted to lessons with your instructor. The additional hour will be for studying or completing assignments.
  • A lesson may be rescheduled on agreement between both parties.
  • Homework assignments must be completed and e-mailed to your instructor at least 12 hours in advance of the next lesson.
  • Students will not advance in the course until they have completed the requirements of the learning week as defined by the syllabus.
  • FLEX days will be included as required.

Course Materials

Required Literature: “Дорога в Россию” by V. Antonova and M. Nakhabina.

Required Platforms: E-mail Account, Facebook Account, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, Skype, PayPal Account

Required Accessories: Russian Keyboard Stickers, Notepads, Note Cards

Course Syllabus

Week 1 Alphabet, Vowels and Consonants
Week 2 First Words and Phrases
Week 3 Genders
Week 4 Personal Pronouns
Week 5 Verb Conjugation – Present Tense
Week 6 Articles, Adverbs of Place
Week 7 Plural of Nouns, Plural of Possessive Pronouns
Week 8 Review
Week 9 Numbers, Adjectives, Demonstrative Pronouns, Currency


Anna Lutskova DeBacci